Devblog 026: Mid-Year Update

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Mid-Year Update

In the last few months while you were gone DeadLaugh has went through many changes. From our chat plugin being rewritten from the ground up and thus improving server performance, to new events. DeadLaugh maintains its focus as a PVP oriented server with moderately accelerated gameplay. New plugins include a rewritten Dueling event, and a treasure event.

Dueling now takes place in it’s own arenas which are about a third the size of Deathmatch arenas. Spawn points are around the border of each zone, and players are always spawned away from each other. After every 10 duels the zone is flagged to be relocated to another area of the map. This will happen when all duels inside of said zone finish. This keeps the terrain fresh and exciting. Each duel grants 500 bone fragments towards the next Deathmatch event. Use /duel for more information.

Dangerous Treasures is a treasure hunter event where a box spawns randomly on the map away from all obstructions. The box is surrounded by a dark sphere for up to 8 minutes before it disappears. This gives players time to travel to the event. Players using hostile items will be set on fire if they enter the sphere. Missiles will target players too close to a launch point in the sphere. Missiles serve to give away your position and warn you to not enter the sphere (they do not deal damage). Once the sphere disappears the chest becomes unlocked and can be looted. Contents in the chest are superior to drops found in supply crates. Use /dtd in game for information on the current event or when the next event will be.

The popular /bones command has been re-enabled to allow players to donate bones to start automatic Deathmatch events.

Two cargo planes spawn every 2 hours and travel at extreme speeds to their destination. The vanilla cargo plane event is still enabled. All supply crates are modded.

We look forward to seeing you guys this wipe!

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