Devblog 025: Dangerous Treasure!

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Dangerous Treasures Mini-Event

Dangerous Treasures event is now active. Once every one to two hours, an event will open where a treasure chest will spawn randomly on the map away from all player obstructions, and away from water.

This chest is protected by a dangerous fire aura indicated by a sphere. Entering the sphere will quickly kill you. Building is blocked inside of the sphere, and the chest is indestructible. The chest is locked for 5 to 8 minutes to give players an opportunity to travel to the event. Once the chest is unlocked the fire aura will be obliterated and the contents may be looted.

The position on the map is announced when an event is opened, and players may use the command /dtd to view information about the event and an indicator will be drawn on their screen which shows “Treasure Chest” and the distance they are from it. The drawing disappears after 15 seconds at which point you can use /dtd again.

There is also a missile launcher that has been added to the event, where missiles launch into the air for 10 seconds, acquire a player target, then chase that player until detonation. These missiles do have a guidance system which can also chase flying admins

New Event Mode

Our newest event mode, which is able to be activated by admins, is PvE Zombie Mode! 35 zombies spawn in a mad dash to eat your brains. Kill or be killed. The most zombie kills marks the winner.

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