Devblog 024: Event Fixes!

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Event fixes

Lots of event fixes this week in store for you guys!

Nivex re-wrote how events chose winners at the end of an event. The new system sorts by damage (instead of kills) first, and then assigns ranks from most to least kills based on most to least damage. This in turn removes the need to check for a tie breaker; fixing a bug where third place was sometimes awarded to the wrong player. It also allowed a lot of superfluous code to be rewritten or removed.

We also implemented a permanent solution to fix players abusing holes in the arena to give loot to players outside of it. Items dropped or picked up that aren’t thrown weapons are automatically deleted.

Another big fix, which affected last week’s battlefield: players who spawn inside the arena from a game spawn point will be respawned elsewhere. Exploiting system now includes any player who joins any type of event (anyone found outside the arena during an event will be teleported back to their spawn point from which they joined the event from if applicable, otherwise a random spawn point within the arena. If neither can be done then they will be killed by the server).

Other assorted fixes:

  • Items restored are now exact duplicates of the items a player joined with.
  • Random kits now chosen randomly from a list of kits, and are then removed from said list, until the list is empty, and then the process repeats itself.
  • Fixed a bug where the game object wasn’t destroyed under rare conditions
  • Fixed a bug where thrown weapons would sometimes become stuck in players and require them to relog to fix it.

Now includes ranks (use ‘/event stats’ after an event to see what rank you placed).

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