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The more heavily modded DeadLaugh server you've all grown to know and love. Features all the plugins DeadLaugh has to offer, including deathmatch arenas, dueling system and mini-games.
Wipes every Thursday and Monday.


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DeadLaugh: Origins

A throwback to DeadLaugh's beginnings. No arenas, no duels, smaller stack sizes, and live map. With minimum plugins, only the core features of the original DeadLaugh remain.
Wipes every Thursday.

DeadLaugh: Origins

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DeadLaugh Main

DeadLaugh Main server is a more heavily modded server, featuring gather rate that alternates from 2x to 4x, with frequent events including deathmatch arenas, mini-games and a full dueling system.

Wipes Mondays & Thursdays

2x Day Gather; 3x-4x Gather at Night

1/2 Crafting Time

2x Component Scrap


Clans Reborn

Custom Demolish Tool

Custom Chat Plugin

Ranking Plugin w/ Chat Tag Awards

Deathmatch Arenas, Mini-Games, Dueling System

DeadLaugh: Origins

DeadLaugh: Origins is a more lightly modded throwback server. 2x Server, with 3x Gather at Night, Live Map, and No Events.

Chat Commands

/animals – Shows total number of animals on server.
/donate – Shows information on donating.
/night – Allows you to see type of the next night and gather times.
/online – Shows total number of online players and sleepers.
/ping – Shows your current ping.
/report – Sends a message to the admins.
/resources – See how many nodes and trees exist on the map.
/time – Allows you to see Server time (EST) and Rust in-game time.
/wipeinfo – Gives information regarding wipe cycles and dates.
/deaths – Turns deathnotes on/off. Toggleable.

/doors – Automatically close doors that you open after a short time. Doors will not close if you die after they are opened. Togglable.\

/rank – Shows your all current wipe cycle stats

/tchat – Turns off chat. Toggleable. {currently disabled}

/tt [hide/show] – Allows players to toggle their tags and colors on and off. {currently disabled}

/turret – Clan leaders may opt-in to have turrets auto-auth clan members or friends. Togglable.

/demolish – Actives the demolish tool. Only usable on entities that you have placed personally. Must have building privilege. Cooldown is 30 mins for regular players, and 15 minutes for Donators. Cannot be used in the presence of enemies (i.e. non-clan members, or users not on your friends list.)

/demolish [player] – Gives Player access to demolish items you have placed. Can be toggled off. Use at your own risk!

Note: this is not a complete list of all commands. Commands are subject to change at any time.