• 1. No cheating, exploiting, or glitching.

    Only send ban appeals to If it will get you banned from the game, we’ll ban you for it too. This includes (but is not limited to), abusing bugs, glitching, and exploiting. If you’re wondering if it’s against the rules – it probably is!

    – No VAC/Game Bans from the last 90 days
    – No accounts with 3 or more Vac/Game Bans within the last 365 days.

  • 2. Respect players & staff

    No hate speech (racism, homophobia, etc.) including in clan names. Admins may kick or ban at their own discretion. Keep trash-talking within the context of the game, and avoid personal attacks. Don’t be a dick to the admins and mods for no reason. Be warned, we ban players who prove to be consistently toxic to the community, and if you’re only here to harass other players or stream-snipe you will also be banned.

  • 3. No spamming

    Spamming of any kind is not allowed; you will be muted without warning for cluttering public chat for no reason. You can also be banned from Discord/Teamspeak for spamming!

  • 4. Report cheaters appropriately

    Use our in-game /report tool to send a detailed message to the admins. You may also put URLs here if you have proof. Don’t spam reports either – they are saved to a log file and all admins have access to them. Do not call out cheaters in chat – this makes them much easier to catch!

  • 5. Moderators are staff too

    Though they can’t spawn items, fly, or do anything outside of muting and banning players, they do represent the server and there is no need to be toxic towards them. If you find a moderator is being disrespectful, please send us a message via. our Contact page.

  • 6. Do not grief/block off public monuments

    If you build around a monument you must have 3 open points of entry (no doors), and cannot be hostile towards friendlies within said walls. However, griefing other players is allowed, as we consider it a form of “territory control,” and we will not remove it.

  • 7. Do not exploit the /demolish tool

    If you are found exploiting it, and are using it to hide loot, your items will be destroyed without warning and you will be banned from using the tool.

  • 8. No Teaming in Events

    No teaming in events → Teaming in deathmatches arenas is not allowed. If you are found teaming, you will be banned from events.