For Gamers, by Gamers

We are a group of gamers who aim to provide a unique experience in survival gaming. We started our first Rust server in August 2015, and have since dedicated ourselves to hosting the best servers possible, with a focus on accelerated gameplay, and plugins that both balance and improve gaming.


Apart from our server admins, the DeadLaugh Gaming team is made up of: Destiny, Dependable, Nivex, and Dyceman.
No, admins do not play on the server. You may see them in the world testing things and interacting with players, though! Chat mods have no privileges other than chat commands so they can play regularly.
Besides sending a support ticket, you can also put in a request for assistance in the Discord #support channel. Please avoid spamming them!

If you have a complaint regarding a Server Admin or Moderator, please submit a support ticket, or send an email to
If you believe your ban was unfair, please submit a Support Ticket. Support tickets will be answered in the order they are received. Do not, under any circumstance, harass Staff members over Discord, Teamspeak, or Steam regarding bans.
Submit a support ticket, and please include your transaction ID from Paypal so we can confirm your donation.

Interested in being part of our team?

Please submit an application if you are interested in being a server staff member. Note that these are volunteer positions. If interested, read our document on staff policies before applying! Please note that we do not accept applications for admins, but if you're interested in being part of the DeadLaugh team please send us a message and we will talk privately.