Devblog 023: Performance and QOL Fixes!

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Server Performance

For any of you who haven’t been around, we have made great strides toward improving server performance. This has included re-writing a lot of plugins we used (thanks Nivex!) and now server performance is better than ever. If you doubt us, come try it out yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

Component Loot Changes

Just as described last week, component loot chance rates are now vanilla, but you’ll find more components per stack! In addition, we’ve made a few other small changes to loot in barrels and crates.

You will no longer find small amounts of wood in barrels. Instead, it will be replaced with a random component. The amount of the component will be the lowest possible amount offered from vanilla for this removal only.

Also, you now have a 1% chance of an semi body drop in a barrel or crate being replaced by a rifle body, SMG body, or tech trash!

Power-Ups Reinstalled in Events

Power Ups plugin is reinstalled! if you’re not familiar with the plugin it creates 5 flags during each event and provides buffs when players pickup the flag. use /powerups in game to see the buffs. added new buff LIFESTEAL which allows players to life steal from players every time they damage them (up to 3 seconds)

Misc. Fixes

If heli is active when server restarts (not crashes) it will automatically respawn after 5 minutes.

Drawings on player maps are now restored properly after participating in an event.

Let us knowif you find any bugs at all on the server or during events!

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