Devblog 021: New Component Loot Plugin

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Component Loot Changes

We have removed our AlphaLoot (premium version of BetterLoot) and our admin Nivex wrote his own components plugin. This is subject to change and improvement, so bear with us and feel free to send suggestions our way!

All component drop rates are now vanilla. This means you will have the same exact chance of finding an item as you would on a vanilla server. All component drop amounts are 50% or 1 more, whichever is higher. Instead of finding one rifle body, now you will find 2!

This means that the rarity of each component is now vanilla, so no more issues finding a certain component. Also that the amount given is within the expectations of a 2x server. Rates do not increase at night for components.

Also, Barrels have a 5% chance to spawn a random item. 4 Ammo, 2 bandages, bow/xbow, 2 explosives, a hatchet or pickaxe, hazmat suit, 1 large medkit, 200 metal frags, a sleeping bag, 1 syringe, 1 landmine or 1 present

Airdrop loot is still customized, with junk items removed.


New command added: /event restore can be used if your items aren’t properly recovered after an event.

New Chat Mod

Welcome our newest chat mod, Fothcrah! Be gentle with him! 🙂


Don’t forget some of our new chat features, including the command to toggle tags! Type /tags to toggle all of your tags, or /tags {name} to toggle off a specific tag.

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