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  • 2 years and a new server!

    2 years and a new server!

    July marks the 2 year anniversary for DeadLaugh and in celebration we are launching a new server with tomorrow’s wipe! DeadLaugh was started in July 2015, by Dependable and Destiny. It was started in response to many of the servers that we felt were either too cliché, suffering from horrible admin abuse or just blatantly pay to win. We enjoyed ...Read More »
  • Devblog 026: Mid-Year Update

    Devblog 026: Mid-Year Update

    Mid-Year Update In the last few months while you were gone DeadLaugh has went through many changes. From our chat plugin being rewritten from the ground up and thus improving server performance, to new events. DeadLaugh maintains its focus as a PVP oriented server with moderately accelerated gameplay. New plugins include a rewritten Dueling event, and a treasure event. Dueling ...Read More »
  • Devblog 025: Dangerous Treasure!

    Devblog 025: Dangerous Treasure!

    Dangerous Treasures Mini-Event Dangerous Treasures event is now active. Once every one to two hours, an event will open where a treasure chest will spawn randomly on the map away from all player obstructions, and away from water. This chest is protected by a dangerous fire aura indicated by a sphere. Entering the sphere will quickly kill you. Building is ...Read More »
  • Devblog 024: Event Fixes!

    Devblog 024: Event Fixes!

    Event fixes Lots of event fixes this week in store for you guys! Nivex re-wrote how events chose winners at the end of an event. The new system sorts by damage (instead of kills) first, and then assigns ranks from most to least kills based on most to least damage. This in turn removes the need to check for a ...Read More »
  • Devblog 023: Performance and QOL Fixes!

    Devblog 023: Performance and QOL Fixes!

    Server Performance For any of you who haven’t been around, we have made great strides toward improving server performance. This has included re-writing a lot of plugins we used (thanks Nivex!) and now server performance is better than ever. If you doubt us, come try it out yourself – you won’t be disappointed! Component Loot Changes Just as described last ...Read More »

We aim to provide a top-notch experience in Rust survival gaming, with modded and accelerated gameplay, custom plugins, in-game events, friendly and active staff, and much more!